UrBex – The Mortuary

Recently I’ve posted landscapes and seascapes, showcasing some of my newer work, today I look back at some of my UrBex images from last year.

I’m guessing most people don’t get to see the inside of a mortuary in real life and probably don’t want to. I’m not one of those people…

My first visit to this mortuary was without tripod, I was scouting for an entry point with just the camera, saw a door open and went for it, due to the amount of security cameras I shot and got out hence the poor quality of some images.

There were several banks of these fridges, the use is obvious and I can tell you they are claustrophobic.

This mortuary was on the periphery of a  live hospital, but had been replaced by a newer, bigger unit. This allowed easy access, however there was a security camera outside and what at first glance another inside the entry point. This and the knowledge of what this had been used for served to make this an eerie explore to say the least.


Thanks for looking


8 responses to “UrBex – The Mortuary

    • A little at first Len, but the adrenaline was pumping what with the security camera and a bleeping noise I later found out was a smoke alarm battery failing, but you tend to concentrate on getting the shots and getting out without being seen. It’s eerie though as there were 2 of us just working in silence using gestures to avoid getting in each others shots.

      That said, doing this shot was freaky

      thats me on the slab…

    • Thanks Mark. There was not a great deal of room around the tables and I wanted to get something different to other images I’ve seen of similar places. That gave me the spur to try angles that I would not normally.

  1. Stunned. And very very impressed. This is excellent Chris, my little blog is somewhat amateur by comparison, but so glad to see you’ve kept up the photography and pushed it to fascinating levels…

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