A Londoners London

Richmond Park

Today I am starting a series of posts on London. Not the traditional Tourist images that are known worldwide but the London that is visible to those that live in this sprawling metropolis.

We start with my backyard, Richmond upon Thames and it’s park. Richmond Park is the largest of London’s Royal parks and at 9.55 km2 is almost 3 times the size of New Yorks Central Park.

View From Richmond Park

The park is home to 650 Red and Fallow deer to which it owes in existence, being initially enclosed by Charles I who moved his Court here to escape the Great Plague.

Deer in Richmond Park

Stag in Richmond Park

The park also contains several notable buildings; the Royal Ballets White Lodge (originally a hunting lodge for George I) and Pembroke Lodge former home of the 1847 Prime Minister Lord Russell.

Richmond Park is also the smallest UK National Park, a Site of Special Scientific Interest with several wildlife species including a colony of Red Ringed Parakeets and in 2012 will see the Olympic Cycling Road Races pay a visit.

Pen Ponds in Winter

Frozen Reed Pen Ponds

Richmond Park in the Morning Mist


6 responses to “A Londoners London

  1. This is a fantastic glimpse into another area of the world! What a beautiful series here today, my friend. The first one is just astounding with the sense of scale you get from the perspective you shared with us. The wildlife shots are fanTASTIC Chris, I’ve never really seen deer exhibited quite in this style before and I think it’s absolutely stunning. Really wonderful work, my friend, thank you so much for bringing us to your part of the world!!!

    • Thank you so much Toad, I really do appreciate the comments. The deer are used to people so you can get close to them. I think for one of the shots I was within 6 foot of them. Amazing to see in an urban area.

    • Thanks Jan. The Frozen reeds were taken this last winter. It was about the only usable shot from a cold day, however I only took the camera in case so I’m happy.
      The morning mist was a lucky shot. Lucky why? I shot it out of the car while I was driving by and I’d accidentally left the camera on Sepia

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