Camden Town Pt 5 – Candids & Captures

The final part in my look at Camden Markets I am featuring images taken and processed on my Nexus S Android phone. I won’t argue that the quality is as good as a DSLR, but it can be easier to grab some shots with.

These 2 statues stand guarding the entrance to Cyberdog, specialists in Club Wear and complete with pumping dirty club sounds and podium dancers.

Nexus S using Vignette

Nexus S using Vignette for Android

As mentioned earlier there are plenty of food vendors at the Market, all calling out and proffering food as you walk past.

Food Glorious Food - Nexus S Vignette for Android

Food Vendors - Nexus S Vignette for Android

Al Fresco eating - Nexus S Vignette for Android

Finally don’t forget to look for the horses, since the Stables market has been redeveloped; the Old Catacombs opened up as stalls and as befits an area that was once a Stable for working horses there are statues of horses throughout.

Horse Eye - Nexus S Vignette for Android

Street Art Camden Town - Nexus S Vignette for Android

Thanks for looking and if you liked what you saw please leave a comment, feedback is always appreciated.

7 responses to “Camden Town Pt 5 – Candids & Captures

  1. Geez, what a GREAT post today Chris! Really enjoyed taking a stroll with you through this fascinating part of town. Great images you’ve given us today. I always really love your processing and these do not disappoint; wonderfully done!

    • Toad old chap you really are too kind. However as a results of the wonderful comments this series has received I am planning to post a series of blogs on alternate London.
      Not for me the regular shots of Big Ben and Buckingham palace, no we’ve all seen those too many times. Not that, but the fetid grimey underbelly of London. The dirty real eastend where I work and the suburban south, London as seen by a Londoner.

      • Oh my GOD, Chris, I can’t wait! This sounds just lovely! We’ve got the Empress Hotel and the Legislature Buildings here in Victoria that everyone seems to take photos of, but like you, I like to find the stuff that most people pass by without a second glance. There is so much history and so much time has passed in your area, this series you mention will be absolutely awesome. I can’t WAIT!

  2. Great set of images. 🙂
    Enjoyed this photo journey. Just about every city or town has so much to see, much of it overlooked. As photographers we’re always on the lookout for something to frame ip and capture

    Speaking of frames, the vignettes are a nice touch. Nice work!

    • Thanks Jimmi, appreciated. I’m planning a series on London, however not the postcard London that the tourists see but the London that Londoners see.
      Should be fun I hope

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