Camden Town Pt 4 – Classic Car or Street Art?

Camden Markets are full of opportunity for the eagle eyed Tog. Don’t limit yourself to people watching for there are plenty of other options to point your lens at;  the old canal complete with Banksy / Robbo graffiti under a bridge, curiosities on stalls or the Victorian architecture of the stables market to this little gem.

Perfect Paintwork - Single RAW image processed in Photoshop CS5 & Nik HDR effex

In a quiet street behind the market (near the Hawley Arms for the interested) is this little gem. It’s fair to say time has not been kind although the Sixties style paintwork is enhanced by the graffiti but the inside has been wrecked by vandals. This aside it’s a popular stop for the casual snapper and the serious tog alike and there are other similar beauties waiting to be captured.

Fully Specc'd - single RAW image processed in Photoshop CS5 & Nik HDR Effex

Tomorrow will see a round up of this series with a few grab shots taken on the android.


5 responses to “Camden Town Pt 4 – Classic Car or Street Art?

    • Thanks toad you are too kind indeed. The funny thing is that when I looked at the 2nd shot initially in lightroom I discarded it as it wasn’t how I’d envisigioned it would look. Later at work I loaded it into Photoshop and fiddled with NIK HDR EFFEX and played with a few settings. I’m glad I did as the final image is roughly how I expected.

      • I am really really glad you went ahead and processed it Chris! The steering wheel in that shot creates this perfect frame for the dashboard. I think the composition of it is absolutely stellar, and as mentioned before I LOVE the processing. Mrs. Toad and I talk about our images a lot; I never really am sure what people will like and what they don’t to be honest. Anyways, your shots totally resonated with me today and I enjoyed this blog post a ton my friend!!!

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