Camden Town Pt 3 – Why so sad, Leather Lady?

Leather Lady

Leather Lady - Single RAW file processed in Nik HDR Effex & Photoshop CS5

More people spotting today but this time we slow the pace down a little.

Even amidst the hustle and bustle of the market there is always a quiet space to sit and have a snack, reflect on life or to just watch as the world goes by.

As I was sitting and people watching I spied the lady above, sitting on steps leading to another section of the markets. What the picture does not show if the throng of people between us, some in a hurry, some excited with their purchases or about the purchase to come.

I managed to fire off a single RAW before the crowds closed in again, when I processed the image initially I felt it needed a little something to better emphasise the reflective mood.

I opted to process in Nik HDR Effex in part to emphasise the leather but mainly to bring out the grungy steps and walls of the Market.


2 responses to “Camden Town Pt 3 – Why so sad, Leather Lady?

  1. I just love your style Chris, what awesome processing here! I am totally dying to know what she is thinking about. She is most definitely in some pretty deep thought there! Wonderful, my friend, absolutely wonderful!!

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