Camden Town Pt 2 Two’s Company

During yesterdays blog I mentioned that Camden Town is a collection of vibrant street markets and that as a result is packed with crowds of both shoppers and sightseers.

For today’s blog I was going to post a single crowd image to depict just how busy it is, however whilst processing I noticed something I had missed when I took the shots.

For the shots below I climbed onto a bridge railing to gain height so I could shoot over the crowd, the use of a telephoto lens has compressed the perspective emphasising the crowded throng.

Camden Street Scene

Camden Street Scene

what caught my eye in this image was the happy girl in the “Heart” Jumper, was she happy as she had just bagged a bargain, taken a call from an old friend or just full of the joys of spring.

When I looked at the preceding image it became clear why she was so happy.

Camden Town Street 2

Camden Town Street

It’s not always the things you first see that make the image, this appears to be particularly so with Crowd scenes, sometimes when examining the images for processing hidden details are revealed which may not have been apparent when pressing the shutter and it’s always best to take more than one shot, just in case.


4 responses to “Camden Town Pt 2 Two’s Company

  1. Oh this is wonderful Chris! What a great photo-story here in this, I just love it! Mrs. Toad and myself like to think about what people are thinking about when they are out and about… especially happy people like this girl…. I love this post today my friend, totally awesome!

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