Camden Town Pt 1 – Mexican Food Vendor

Mexican food Vendor

Single RAW file processed in Lightroom & Photoshop CS5 using Nik Filters

I don’t normally photograph people, I prefer buildings and landscapes, however I have been looking at the work of other photographers and decided I needed to push myself beyond my usual boundaries.

The chance came during a “getting away from the kids” trip to Camden Town in London. This vibrant area of the capital is home to media companies during the week and several interlinking street markets at the weekend. It is a home to the creative and artistic of London, full of colour and energy, an area that seems to never sleep.

In amongst the various market shops and stalls there are several food areas, serving food from around the world.

The subject of today’s image is a Mexican Food Vendor, I was sitting in the food area having lunch and watching the world pass by, as I looked up this caught my eye, I zoomed in through a gap in the crowd and manged to fire off a single frame before he was obscured from view.


2 responses to “Camden Town Pt 1 – Mexican Food Vendor

  1. Wow Chris, I think this is wonderful! I am, too, trying to grab the odd shot here and there of people as well… sort of branching out a bit, if you will.. this picture is awesome my friend, I love it! Great emotion and drama, and the post processing is spot-on!

  2. Thanks Toad, my friend. Likewise I tend to steer clear of people shots, too many bad experiences over the years, but I felt the need to try other things. I like how this came out.

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