Confessions of a Technophile


I’m a technophile, I admit it. Not in the “I must have the latest i thingy / camera / macbook / pc / satnav” kind of way but in the “technology is there to make life easy” kind of way.

I love my Android smart phone, the camera is always with me, I can take a shot and share it with friends and family, geotag a location for a later explore, keep in touch with people and run my life from wherever I am.

Likewise with my DSLR, I can take a shot and download and process it within hours, no more messing about in a darkroom for days on end or waiting for the transparencies to return from the processors.

Don’t get me wrong, I grew up using manual film cameras and I love them to bits, still use them, even a home-made pinhole. There is a place for everything and so it should be.

We recently made our own chemicals for making cyanotypes, painstakingly covered fabric in the dark, left them to dry and sat in the sun exposing negs copied onto A3 acetate. The results make it worth the hassle and reminds me of a different view on life that I try to carry forward into my digital work.

Now back to cleaning the carpet and walls where the cyanotypes dripped leaving lovely dark blue stains everywhere.


Please let me know your thoughts on the image above

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