West Park the Return Part 1

Not so Grand Piano

This weekend I returned to West Park Asylum for the first time in 6 months. Over my previous 12 or so visits I had hit most of what I wanted but there was still a couple of rooms that had eluded me and I heard demolition had started.

On arrival it was apparent things had changed, hoardings now ran the length of the front (almost). Access gained to the site we set about finding a way into the buildings, a look around revealed plenty of demo workers on site, stealth was needed.

We entered the first building and walked straight into Viveca Koh and Mark Blundell, a brief chat and we pushed on into the wards.

Later we bumped into some more explorers who had just been spotted by the builders, we compared notes and decided to all head to the piano room. Most of this building had been stripped bare, coils of wire were laying on the floor and hard hats and jackets were hanging from hooks on the walls.

The Piano was still there but the view outside was devastating, with the entire rear of the complex reduced to rubble.


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