So I got to looking at my recent work and comparing to old stuff I had taken 10-20 yrs ago. My initial thought was have I improved as a photographer or is it the kit I use?

I now shoot digital, HDR most things and have a far greater knowledge, but is it the medium or the man behind the lens. So here are 2 shots taken 10+ years apart, the 1st on a Bronica 645 with Velvia, hand held meter and a good helping of guesswork and luck.

Pen Ponds

This next one is taken this year, same location using DSLR but no HDR and minimal post Processing.

Is it better for technology, I don’t know. What I do know is that I have stopped concentrating on the big picture and now look at the detail within the scene, and that the detail sometimes says more than the whole.


Please let me know your thoughts on the image above

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