Phone Photos

I picked up a new mobile recently (Google Nexus S) so I thought I would put the built in camera to test. I know the quality will not match that of a DSLR, 5 MP camera, tiny lens, small sensor, yeah no match at all, but is it any good?

I guess the real question is:

is it the camera or the photographer that makes the image? Have I become lazy or too used to DSLR’s to notice other things?

With this in mind, I set out with phone in pocket (loaded with goodies like Adobe Photoshop Express) and camera locked in the house, and looked for subjects to test myself and the phone with.


Packing Crates

These crates were being sold outside a shop, photo taken, converted to Sepia and frame added in PS. Job done…

OK close up’s work well, what about a landscape or 3?

On the whole, I’m fairly impressed, in fact I found that when I took the DSLR out I was using the phone as an aid to composing, it was easier lining a shot up on the phones 4″ screen then setting up the tripod. On reflection perhaps the most valuble lesson is to look for possibilities in any situation, pictures do not make themselves, but often they are there waiting for the ‘tog to find them.


Please let me know your thoughts on the image above

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