Abandonded Warehouse “FW”

On the banks of the Thames in a more affluent area of London remains a few relics to the past. I’d spotted this one on a diversion home from work and decided it was worth a return visit with cameras.

We turned up early one morning for a recce and at first look it appeared a tough nut to crack; 30ft wall to the side, factory and wall the other side, river at the rear and security fence to the front, all overlooked by a busy supermarket and luxury flats.

Undaunted we walked around the perimeter and found a gate, an unlocked gate…

Returning to the car we gathered equipment and donned hi viz jackets and hard hats, walked purposfully to the gate, eyes scanning for interest from early morning shoppers, and without hesitating walked right in. We soon found an entrance to the building and began the explore.

The ground floor was little more than empty rooms full of refuse, and in one an industrial scale but there were external walkways above us. Doubling back to the front of the building we ducked into another entrance, water poured from above in a defeaning stream and visibility was almost zero in the dark. We found the stairs and climbed to the upper floor, offices and debris awaited us before we reached the outside and the walkways and took our first breath of fresh air in what seemed an eternity.

Back downstairs we found some outbuildings which had been covered in graffiti.

Memory cards full, cold and tired we decided to call it a day and made to leave. I walked around a corner only to see a yellow coat at the entrance, my first thought was security, we must have been seen, until I realised it was a guy changing the poster on a billboard. Not wanting to draw too mush attention we wandered around out of sight grabbing a few more shots until their van pulled away. Walked out of the gate, nodded at a passing road sweeping crew before taking a few external shots and making our farewell.


Please let me know your thoughts on the image above

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